Welcome to the Elvolutionaries Homepage! We are an aerial circus and dance troupe based out of British Columbia. We tour festivals, book private shows, events, facilitate circus camps, workshops, and most importantly play! We have been touring locally and internationally for over 6 years. On our local tours we bring our moving circus rig, Iris, a 40 foot long converted purple school bus that runs on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and is also modified to present circus shows, with its rooftop stage, and 30 foot collapsable aerial rig. Check out our gallery page for some more images of what we do. In this Picture is Marley and Freyja Skye, Co-founders and Directors of the Elvolutionaries, Salty Circus, and Phoenix Circus School.

The Elvolutionaries Aerial Circus and Dance Troupe:

Based out of Saltpsring Island, the Elvolutionaries have toured, taught and performed circus and dance acts across North America, and internationally. These high-flying circus acrobats are artists and dancers that incorporate stilting, aerial silks, aerial hoop, acrobatic pole, and burlesque dancing into their productions. With their rich costuming, graceful beauty, and acrobatic dancing, the Elvolutionaries bring magic, movement inspiration and sassiness to new levels of playful entertainment art.







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